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The "Embrace the Elegance: Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala" at Kourion was a remarkable success! Held on October 7-8 at the historic Kourion amphitheater, this inaugural event drew an impressive audience of 3,000 spectators. Twelve extraordinary artists from Europe's premier theaters performed a mix of renowned ballets and contemporary pieces, accompanied by the Commandaria symphonic orchestra. The evening was a celebration of ballet, set against the enchanting backdrop of one of Cyprus’s most iconic venues, offering a unique blend of art and history.
07 - 08 october
Kourion Amphitheater
Celebrity Ballet Gala
with participation of
how it was
Photographer: Denis Davydov
Photographer: Hellen Smith
Photographer: Lena Boga
Photographer: Max Zhiltsov
Photographer: Daria Zaitceva
Photographer: Daria Zaitceva
Photographer: Denis Davydov
Photographers: Pavel Ermilov
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kourion AMPHITHEATer
COMMAndaria orchestra
The Commandaria Orchestra of Cyprus was established in 2009 by The Cyprus Wine Museum.

The Commandaria Orchestra’s mission is the implementation of the visions of The Cyprus Wine Museum, not least of which is the desire to promote Cypriot culture. The rich repertoire (chamber and symphonic) of the orchestra includes theme masterpieces related to the Middle Ages and the performance of contemporary music.

The Commandaria Orchestra is famous by participation in numerous cultural project with local and international artists.
about the project
A gala performance of 12 soloists from the world-famous theatres dedicated to love and the joining of hearts took place in February 2023, marking an unprecedented success in Cyprus. Now, we are embarking on a new endeavor, set against the historical backdrop of Kourion. Our vision is for Kourion to become a renowned cultural and historical destination, captivating tourists from Europe and the world.

Our team is driven by a shared passion for art and ballet, with expertise spanning various fields such as management, marketing, and charity. With a deep understanding of our audience's expectations, we approach event organization from their perspective first and foremost.

Our mission is to create a truly exceptional ballet event in Cyprus, featuring the world's leading ballet dancers, and to immerse our guests in the transformative power of the arts. We meticulously select reliable partners and contractors who share our commitment to excellence. This level of dedication is evident in the first version of our promo, showcasing the grandeur and magnificence of the gala.

We go above and beyond to curate a captivating atmosphere even before the performance begins. Join us as we continue to shape the cultural landscape of Cyprus, elevating Kourion to new heights as a captivating destination for history and the arts. Together, let us celebrate the beauty of ballet and create lasting memories that resonate with our guests for years to come.
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