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Embark on a cultural odyssey with us as we creat world-level art events that capture hearts and minds.
With each sold-out performance we're not just shaping the cultural landscape. With our guests and artists we're elevating art enviroment to new heights, together.
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    Experience world-level events featuring leading artists, musicians, theaters, and partners.
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    Elevate your brand presence with our promotional campaigns, including high quality printed materials, merchandise, and videos.
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    We create more than just events: we create the full art-ecosystem, including gala dinners, lectures, masterclasses, and closed art gatherings.
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    Community building
    Our Golden Circle community is an opportunity to become part of an exclusive cultural experience and enjoy all benefits of networking and being part of cultiral life.
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    Social responsibility
    Partnership with Celebrity Gala is an opportinity to contribute into elevating a cultural sphere and become a part of our social responsibility initiatives.
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    Attention to details
    We aim to keep the highest level of excellence by meticulous attention to detail, working with expert technical teams and top-tier partners.
The genesis of Celebrity Gala was sparked by a simple yet profound interaction on Instagram, where Kate reached out to Igor with the question: "Why have you not brought true ballet to Cyprus?" Igor's response, "Let's arrange it," ignited what would soon become a cultural phenomenon on the island. Together with a small yet determined team, we orchestrated the inaugural ballet gala in February 2023, setting a precedent for creativity and cultural enrichment.

Since that initial gala, in partnership with Freedom Finance, we have masterfully curated a unique event at the historically significant venue, the ancient Kourion in October 2023. This event is not merely a performance but a cultural symphony that weaves the rich tapestry of ballet with Cyprus’s historical grandeur. Driven by the initial success and continuous community support, we explored new artistic avenues including contemporary ballet and neoclassical concerts, demonstrating our commitment to enriching Cyprus's cultural scene with top-tier performances.

Our mission extends beyond organizing events; we aim to build a vibrant community united by a shared passion for the arts and ballet. We create a cultural dialogue that resonates with people from all walks of life, enhancing their appreciation for the arts through each meticulously crafted performance. By incorporating varied artistic expressions and fostering a welcoming atmosphere, we strive to grow our community, connecting people through shared cultural experiences that inspire and delight.

We are an eclectic group of individuals, burning with love for the arts and ballet, each bringing extensive experience from various fields such as management, marketing, and charity organization. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to approach the organization of each event from the unique perspective of a spectator, ensuring that every performance is not only enjoyable but also leaves a lasting impact.

Our team is our greatest asset. United by our passion for the arts, we bring together a spectrum of talents that range from artistic direction to logistical execution. Every member plays a crucial role in bringing the vision of Celebrity Gala to life, contributing their expertise to ensure that every aspect of an event is flawless. We are artists, strategists, and visionaries who share a common goal: to deliver extraordinary experiences that not only entertain but also profoundly move our audience.

This collective effort and dedication have positioned us at the forefront of cultural innovation in Cyprus, where we continue to push boundaries and redefine the arts scene. Our story is one of passion, creativity, and community—a story that we are eager to continue writing with each new event.

Our team
  • Igor Tsvirko
    Artistic Director
    As we embark on our next stage, our vision remains resolute: to curate world-class art events that resonate deeply with our audience. With each sold-out performance, we're not just shaping the cultural landscape—we're propelling the art environment to unprecedented heights, together. And we hope that every guest will enjoy the emotions that were put by artists into the show.
  • Ekaterina Dementeva
    Organization of an event in Cyprus
    Ballet has always ignited a flame within me, propelling me to orchestrate these extraordinary events in Cyprus. Having beheld the transformative allure of it, I am driven to inspire our guests with the same enchantment. We achieved the greatest results during the first year and we welcome you to join us as we forge ahead on our cultural journey, enriching hearts and minds through the enchanting power of the arts.
  • Evgeniya Shlykova
    Advertising and PR-campaign
    Our journey in Cyprus has been defined by our commitment to community and cultural enrichment. Having hosted five outstanding events by Celebrity Gala, each sold-out and celebrated, we've seen firsthand the impact of our collective efforts in elevating the art environment. With gratitude for the island's hospitality, we strive to further contribute to the cultural life of Cyprus through our next events.
  • Maria Soynikova
    Project Manager
    At the heart of our mission lies the belief that art transcends boundaries and fosters societal excellence. Through our events, we aim to provide all people in Cyprus with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the transformative world of art and ballet. With each sold-out performance, we're not just shaping culture—we're uplifting our community and elevating the art environment, in alignment with our mission.
  • Olga Dynyak
    Content&Social Media Manager
    We are committed to popularizing the arts. For us, ballet stars and choreographers are the new pop icons, and we aim to promote them in Cyprus, thereby elevating the cultural landscape.
  • Irina Nesterova
    GR and Project Management
    I am extremely excited to be a part of the Celebrity Gala team! We are all about showcasing the finest artists from all around the globe here in Cyprus and are thrilled to create these amazing cultural experiences that leave you feeling like you've just witnessed something truly special!
  • Yulia Sedova
    Influence Media Relation
    I am a passionate art enthusiast, eager to share my enthusiasm with others. Being involved in organizing cultural events for me is an opportunity to give people moments of inspiration. I believe in the power of art to unite people and create unforgettable experiences.
  • Daria Mozgovaya
    Drama Theater Adviser
    I am a big fan of modern theater and choreography and I am convinced that art is able to unite people and make the world a better place, regardless of borders and beliefs. Happiness is to introduce Cyprus to the world's outstanding artists. Life is short, art is eternal.
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