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Celebrity Ballet Gala
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14 February
Tuesday, 19:00
Limassol, Pattihio Theatre
15 February
Wednesday, 19:30
Nicosia, Municipal Theatre
Gala with the principal dancers of Astana Opera, Bolshoi Theatre, English National Theatre, HET National Ballet, Kremlin Palace, Mikhaylovsky Theatre, Staatsballet Berlin. We believe that love is the driving force of the world. The love we share helps us understand one another, joins us for a brighter future, and allows us to create.

That's why we chose February 14th and 15th for the Gala Ballet 'Celebrate the Love' in Limassol and Nicosia. The Gala Ballet is a fairy-tale of music and grace, a showcase of talent and skill. We will have the opportunity to enjoy excerpts from the most famous ballets about love performed by 12 amazing artists from the leading world theatres.
With participation of Nicosia Youth Ballet
how it was
Photographer: Lena Boga
Photographer: Alena Melenteva
Photographer: Max Zhiltsov
Photographer: Pavel Ermilov
* There is a possibility that we may have a change of artist, which would incur some changes in the program
Kristina Kretova
Igor Tsvirko
Music Ludwig Minkus
Choreography Alexander Gorsky

Music Victor Osadchev
Choreography Alessandro Caggegi

* with Nicosia Youth Ballet
Evelina Godunova
Dinu Tamazlakaru
Music Herman Lovenskiold
Choreography August Bournonville

Music Max Richter
Choreography Alexander Abdukarimov
Maia Makhateli
Young gyu Choi
Music Adolphe Adam
Choreography Marius Petipa

Music Philip Glass
Choreography Ted Brandsen
Natascha Mair
Francesco Gabriele Frola
Music Sergei Prokofiev
Choreography Leonid Lavrovsky

Music Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Choreography to be confirmed
Ekaterina Pervushina
Adamzhan Baktiyar
Music Cesare Pugni
Choreography Agrippina Vaganova

Music Camille Saint Saense
Choreography Mikhail Fokin

Music Senking
Choreography Yixjian Zhang

*with Nicosia Youth Ballet
Irina Perren
Music Aram Khachaturian
Choreography Georgy Kovtun

Music Edvard Grieg
Choreography Fyodor Lopukhov
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event venues
about the project
A gala performance of soloists from the Bolshoi and Mikhaylovsky Theatres, English National Theatre, ASTANA OPERA, HET National Ballet, Staatsballet Berlin, Kremlin Ballet dedicated to love and the joining of hearts took place in February 2023 in Cyprus. Our team, consisting of individuals with a shared passion for art and ballet, as well as experience in various fields such as management, marketing, charity, and art, approached the organization of the event with the audience's perspective as our primary focus.

Our mission was to create a unique ballet event in Cyprus featuring today's leading ballet dancers, aiming to immerse our guests in the world of arts. For this project, we worked exclusively with proven and reliable partners and contractors. We approached this endeavor with the utmost responsibility, which is evident when looking at the first version of the promo.

We went to great lengths to ensure that the party atmosphere would be felt even before the performance began. We created a warm and welcoming reception area accompanied by live classical music. In the foyer, we set up a stylish bar for attendees to enjoy, and we provided brochures with the event program that they could take home as a keepsake. Additionally, we prepared an Instagrammable photo area for the lovely ladies to capture memorable moments. It brings us joy to mention that the Nicosia Youth Ballet joined our gala, allowing students from their ballet school to perform on the same stage as the ballet stars.

With our collective dedication, we strived to deliver an unforgettable ballet experience in Cyprus. By prioritizing meticulous planning and execution, we aimed to create an immersive atmosphere that would deeply resonate with our attendees. Incorporating various elements to enhance the overall experience, we wanted to ensure that our guests truly embraced and connected with the beauty of the arts.
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