The performance is set to an original score by Sean Pett, enhanced with classical pieces from Max Richter and Vivaldi. Minimalist staging with symbolic floral arrangements and white pillars highlights the ballet's thematic depth.
Musical and Scenographic Harmony
IMAGO explores the dynamics of human relationships through twelve captivating chapters of interaction, conflict, denial, and acceptance, inviting the audience to interpret the open-ended conclusion.
Deep Narrative Exploration

Featuring dancers who have performed with renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor's company for many years, IMAGO brings a level of precision and artistic excellence that reflects the highest standards of contemporary ballet.
contemporary Ballet from THE TOP ARTISTS
The performance is further enriched with live music, featuring a pianist and composer Sean Pett, and a violinist who accompanies the dancers, adding an immersive and dynamic layer to the emotional narrative of IMAGO.
Live Piano
and Violin
a unique performance first time in limassol!
James Pett & Travis Clausen-Knight, founders of PCK Dance, are accomplished choreographers and dancers with successful individual careers in prestigious companies like Company Wayne McGregor, Michael Clarke Company & Richard Alston Dance Company. Renowned for their provocative and intensely powerful movement language, they focus on the intricacies of the human experience, creating poignant & thought-provoking works that resonate deeply on a personal & emotional level.

Their company tours globally, featuring in festivals such as Florence Dance Festival & The Greater Bay Festival China. With a repertoire of over 15 works, including short and full-length productions, their latest creation, IMAGO, premiered at Italy's Teatro Grande to a stellar five-star review. They create for dance companies and production houses worldwide, including a recently commissioned piece for Bangkok City Ballet, which received special awards from the British Council of Thailand and the B.Grim Foundation.

James and Travis, active as guest dancers, perform in prestigious venues and galas like Roberto Bolle & Friends & The Ballet Icons Gala. The pair also continuously advocates for the development of dance and arts alongside their touring and creative activities through workshops, programs, and lectures. Their engagement initiatives have earned them recognition from Embassies and Trusts, including most recently collaborating with the British Council on their ‘Creative Ageing’ programme and ‘Creative Movement’ workshops for Ukrainian refugees within Eastern Europe.
how it was
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