• Whoever hasn't been there - I sincerely recommend it!
    It was truly something magical! That moment when you realize that emotions expressed in words seem somewhat clumsy and really cannot reflect the degree of pleasure experienced, and no amount of exclamation marks can convey the excitement.
    The artists who came were truly amazing! You watch them, and at some point, you catch yourself realizing that it's pure magic, and you're enchanted by the music of their movements.
    The artists are super-cool! These are the people whose creativity will form a cultural layer of our time, whose names will go down in the history of dance, and to see them here in Cyprus is like a fairytale and fantasy.
    Usually, such people don't come here. That's why I understand the doubts of skeptics. I was one of them until yesterday evening...
  • It was amazing, and I'm still impressed too!! Especially the contemporary performances. During the Tango, I regretted having mascara on my eyes 😂 I want more!
  • Absolutely wonderful! It's a world-class level of culture and art, which personally, I feel is lacking on Cyprus 🙂 I had a great aesthetic relaxation.
  • We thank you for the magical evening and look forward to the continuation at the same level or even higher (if higher is possible 😄). It was splendid!
  • Pure beauty!!! Thank you for the pleasure provided.
  • It was divinely beautiful - both classical ballet (like "Don Quixote") and contemporary artistry! Even "The Swan" by Saint-Saëns reminded me of the great ballerinas of the past. Thank you for the pleasure of enjoying such beauty on Valentine's Day 🙏.
  • A deep bow to the organizers. Incomparable. Enchanting. Exciting. Professional. This joy is especially precious against the backdrop of current and past sad events.
  • Thank you so much for organizing such a stunning concert. It was sheer delight! We've been longing for ballet since Moscow. Yesterday, we experienced extraordinary pleasure. All the artists were simply magnificent. I wanted to personally thank Igor and Kristina for their skill in engaging with the audience and creating a special atmosphere during their performances. Bravo! 😍
  • I sincerely hope that the organizing team will bring ballet of the same caliber or the same ballet ensemble again. I was thrilled. It was just superb. Even though the stage wasn't designed for ballet, and the absence of philharmonic music didn't hinder the ballet masters from performing flawlessly. On Cyprus, I've never seen a ballet like the one yesterday. Words cannot describe my excitement. Thank you so much to the organizers and the ballet masters for such amazing work. We hope to have the opportunity to attend such a grand event again on our island in the near future.
  • It was incredible! Thank you so much for the indescribable emotions! There are no words to express our delight!
  • It's just unbelievable! Both my partner and I enjoyed it very much.
  • A great level. We had a good rest and enjoyed real art! Everything was beautiful! Everything was worthy! Thank you!
  • Thank you very much for the event. The artists were wonderful, and the organization was superb!!! My friends and I had a great time! 😍
  • "Tonight was FANTASTIC!! What a ballet!!" - Quote from two teenagers (15 and 17 years old) who attended the ballet in Limassol. Thank you!
  • It was delightful!!! In one breath ❤️❤️❤️
  • A stunning celebration of love in dance took place! It was amazing, beautiful, and talented! The ballet was magnificent, especially the contemporary pieces! I recommend going and immersing yourself in the sense of beauty!
  • Finally, I was able to relax my soul! The artists were of a high level, with a fresh vision of the classics and splendid performances of contemporary ballet. The powerful male roles were impressive, although it felt like the stage was a bit small for their flights :). The hall was full, and after the performance, there were only enthusiastic reviews. It's a must-see! 💃🕺
  • I just wanted to congratulate all of you on a truly wonderful evening. It was truly magical. For me, it's a great honor to see such wonderful dancers here, in Cyprus. During the intermission, there was such a buzz of excitement and pleasure among the audience. I know it must have required a lot of effort to organize, but please, do another one as soon as possible!
  • It was magnificent!!
    Thank you, both to you and the amazing artists, for such a wonderful evening and unforgettable emotions.
    We haven't seen anything like this on Cyprus before, both the performance itself and, even more surprisingly, its organization, were at such a high level. For a moment, we forgot where we were :) And for these feelings, for the fact that even today the emotions inside us haven't subsided, a huge thank you to all of you.
    Good luck to your team in the future.
    We are eagerly looking forward to October))
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